This is an online catalogue of my stamp collection.

My interests

  • Bird theme: postally used, MNH stamps, postcards, covers, and other ephemera (like playing cards or bookmarks).
  • Country collections: postally used stamps, postcards, covers from specific countries and continents: all African countries and some European countries including Switzerland and Austria. I also have some other countries in my collection.

The public part of this catalogue:

These are a huge areas (10 thousands of stamps to collect), and my collection started to grow rapidly. As a software developer, it was obvious to build an online catalogue (and connect my hobbies). Some of these informations can be useful to fellow collectors.

The public part of this catalogue

  • Country profiles: stamp issuing areas and entities, with philatelic informations, curiosities, pictures of stamps, and other mailed items. There are plenty of grey areas right now.
  • Bird species profiles: with taxonomy informations, pictures of used stamps, postcards, covers

Quick statistics

  • 34,505 stamps in the database
  • 22,341 used stamps is my country collection (and at least 127,659 stamps are missing from my collection)
  • 2,567 used stamps in my bird collection (and at least 34,073 stamps are missing from my collection)
  • 233 MNH stamps in my country collection
  • 1,249 MNH stamps in my bird collection
  • 34,177 bird species profile
  • 327 stamp issuing area / 1,684 stamp issuing entity / 251 current countries